Thank you for your support of ARC and our next steps. Because of your support, more people who were formerly incarcerated have a chance at living a fulfilling life.

Who is ARC?

ARC is unique because we are formerly incarcerated-led and run. Our Executive Director was incarcerated for over twenty years, close to 80 percent of our staff is formerly incarcerated, and all of the programs we offer were created and thought of by system-impacted people. We are proximate to the issues our community faces, which provides us with a unique purview into the systemic issues with our current legal system and leads to a strong sense of community amongst our Members. We are pioneers of the “reentry starts inside” model, which begins inside the prison system and continues after release and beyond.



Our work matters because there are innumerable injustices within our current criminal legal system that need to be addressed. America’s carceral system is overly-punitive, racist, and ineffective. Recidivism rates across the country hover around 60 percent, which means close to two-thirds of people who are released will return back to prison – costing taxpayers millions of dollars a year. ARC is committed to ensuring that less people go into prisons and jails, improving conditions of confinement so that we begin to set up individuals for success during their incarceration, and providing essential services and community post-release. By focusing on rehabilitative care both inside and out of prisons, we are benefitting not only those incarcerated, but society as a whole.


Los Angeles Office: 787 S Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA 90021

Sacramento Office: 2830 G St., Suite 210, Sacramento, CA 95816

We are headquartered in Los Angeles and a majority of the reentry services we provide are in LA County, however we also have an office in Sacramento where we have a thriving community of ARC Members.


There are many ways you can help! From educating yourself on the state of the current carceral system, making a direct donation, sharing our cause on social media, or voting for policies and initiatives that help further our cause.

How can I help promote ARC and this campaign?

Helping us promote our campaign is very much appreciated. We encourage you to discuss the work ARC does to reform our criminal legal system with your friends, family and larger community as well as share our campaign over social media. In honor of our tenth anniversary we are launching a 10-for-10 campaign, where we are encouraging friends and allies of ARC to bring in 10 new donors to the organization or raise $10,000.

How can I donate?

You can donate online here


You can also mail a check to our LA office, or make a stock or wire transfer. Please contact Celine Nehme at cnehme@antirecidivism.org for more information.

Can I keep my donation anonymous?

Yes! You can select to keep your donation anonymous on our donation page.


How will the money raised be used?

The money raised will be used to fund our core three areas: inside programs, reentry support, and policy and advocacy work. Your generosity will help expand our impact, provide new services for our Members, and support our staff.

What percentage of my donation goes directly to programs?

85% of people's donations go directly to programs.

How can I explain what ARC does?

One great way to share what ARC does is by sharing our Impact Report.


How can I contact someone at ARC?

Los Angeles Office: 213-955-5885

Sacramento Office: 916-942-9080

Or submit a form on our website


Who from ARC can speak to my team about this fundraising effort?

For more information, please contact ARC’s Associate Director of Development, Celine Nehme, at cnehme@antirecidivism.org.